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I just don’t see a point in any of this anymore.


Cyber-bullying needs to STOP!

The movie “Cyberbullying” really tugged at my heart, because it hits home for me. Cyber-bullying is real. It’s just as real as bullying a kid for his lunch money, if not worse. It messes with an individuals head. It makes them feel worthless, and kills them not physically but emotionally. It hurts to have people slander your name through the internet, take it from someone who has personally been through it. I  was like the girl Taylor in this movie. I was harassed, bullied, and pushed to my ends by people taunting me on social networks. I was pushed to the point of wanting to end my life before because I could not take it anymore. I have had lies spread about me, people saying nasty things, and people calling me things no one should ever hear. I’ve been called a bitch, a whore, and a worthless human being. I know we have all heard it before. Hell, I’m twenty years old and I am STILL being harassed on websites by anonymous accounts telling me I should take my own life. Luckily now I’m older and know I don’t need to listen to people who clearly have nothing better to do than sit behind a computer screen and attempt to ruin someone elses life. It’s just plain wrong, and no one get’s anything out of cyber-bullying but hurt. So many poor people are driven to suicide because of people like this, and someone needs to stand up and end it. I know it won’t happen over night, but we ALL need to just stop saying things about people, true or not, that are only intended to hurt them. I know maybe three of my friends on here will actually take the time to read this, but I felt like I should at least put my two cents in because this movie brought me to tears thinking about everything I have been through, and thinking about all the kids that are putting up with it right now as I write this. I may be one person, but I want to be a part of ending this cyber torture.

This site is one of the worst I know for cyber-bullying. Every time I log on Tumblr the first thing I do is go to my messages to see how many anonymous messages I got….I’m twenty and I still have people writing me saying I’m worthless, I’m a terrible person, I deserve everything that comes my way, that I am a terrible human being, and even that I should take my own life because I don’t deserve to be alive. I have people who tell me I don’t deserve to be a mother and it’s a great thing that I’m unable to bear a child. What gain to you get out of saying those things to me? Does it make you feel better about your life telling me how horrible mine is? Do you feel proud driving someone to cry themselves to sleep? To cut? To do drugs to numb the sting of hurtful comments? Hell, do you feel good about driving someone to attempt suicide? Because you’ve done that. I’ve cut because of the things people have said to me. I took a bottle of anti-depressants to sleep and never wake up. I thought about jumping in front of a bus or driving my car off the road just so I never would have to see one more message… Your words HURT. They honestly really do. They cut deeper than my blade ever can reach. It’s not right and you should be ASHAMED of yourself to make another human being feel so low of themselves that they think that that is their only option in life is to end it.

Cyber-bullying is so fucking real, people. It’s worse than pushing someone in the hallway, punching someone in the face, or even making fun of them in person. Because behind a computer screen, that person is ALONE, and who the hell knows what they are going to do when they read that. Who knows if they’ll even read another because you don’t know if that person was on their last straw and you just took it from them. This cyber torture needs to END, we need to stop allowing people to do this to others. It’s so wrong, and it is so fucking real.



One of the most useful things you will ever come to learn in this life is that all people are different. People have different ways of thinking about things because people come from different places with different experiences and alternate perspectives. You do not have to agree with someone, but you should always respect them. You have no idea what someone has been through in life. You have no idea why someone is the way that they are.

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